10 April 2016

Welcome to Fourth Grade Brain

Hi, and thank you for visiting! I'm Emily (or Ems, as most people call me), and I'm a fourth grade teacher in Idaho. I LOVE what I do!

A few weeks ago, my best teacher friend and I were talking about books. I'm always happy to do that, you know. Anyway, she mentioned that she'd love to have a website where teachers could go to find book recommendations from another teacher. I had the immediate thought that, "HEY! I could do that!" I'm an avid reader AND I'm a teacher! Eh voila, Fourth Grade Brain was born!

The idea kind of grew and grew, and I decided to make this more than just about books. I want to include teaching ideas (mine and definitely from more experienced colleagues and people I meet across the web), things that have and have not worked, spotlight great teacher blogs and book blogs, and gather a community of great teachers.

I will have a page set up for books that I recommend. They'll be alphabetized by title, and will include a link to their Goodreads page. I'll also have a page where I'll curate my collection of teacher resources (including links to the creators, of course!). Then there's the page where you can submit your own blog or website for spotlighting. You can find that HERE.

I've got a small online presence, and you can find me at any of the sites to the left. Feel free to follow any (or all!) of them, and I'll return the favor.

I hope to meet lots of new teacher friends and fellow book lovers!

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