22 June 2016

Makeover time!

This week, Fourth Grade Brain got a makeover...a Pinterest makeover, that is. As I was going through the thousands of amazing ideas on Pinterest, I realized that pinning to my specific boards was kind of difficult. I decided to make things easy on myself, and used my banner to make specific board covers for each school area that I pin in. (Right now, I'm using the Cutest Blog on the Block banners until I can have my own designed. Don't worry, I've given full photo credit to them, as they deserve!)

Here's a sampling of what it looks like now:

This makes it so much easier to pin on the go! I found a whole bunch of pins that were in the wrong places because I couldn't quite tell what the board was on my phone. Problem solved.

As I've been going through my boards, I've found some real gems that I'm looking forward to trying out for this next year. I'll be posting here about how things work out. One thing to note is that I use the ideas I find to supplement my classroom, not replace curriculum. I do a lot of this stuff for fast finishers.

< shamelessplug > If you're interested in following any of my boards (or any of my social media really), my Pinterest button is on the left with my other social media buttons. If you already do, thank you! < /shameless plug >

As a side note, I also gave myself a makeover. Every now and then, a lady needs that to avoid shaving off her hair! This time, I cut bangs. My hair now looks like this again:

That's me on the left with the shorter hair. The other fabulous lady is my sister.
We were at a U2 concert.
Makeovers are the best!

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