18 November 2016

And then all is well...

I've been pretty sick for the last few weeks. Coughing uncontrollably at times, so congested that I can't breathe, worried about developing pneumonia. But I'm a teacher...we push through. We work on days when we should be home in bed. We try to push our bodies further and faster than anything else we've ever done. It's way more work to get things ready for a sub than it is to just show up and teach from your desk, writing instructions on a white board when you have no voice. And then it comes around to bite you. You start coughing up blood. Being so short of breath that you can hardly cross your room. Getting so dizzy that you're in danger of falling down in front of your kiddos.

That's where I've been. On the advice of friends, I decided to take Thursday and Friday off this week to try and start healing. I was just going to do Thursday, but was convinced that one day wasn't going to cut it. They were so right. Two days in to my forced break, I'm still coughing harder than I have in years, still very congested, and still dizzy. BUT. Two days of doing nothing but napping has done wonders for me. I still feel kind of awful, but not as bad as I did the rest of the week. Two more days of this just might make a difference.

Then this happened:

A student's mom emailed me last night and asked if I felt comfortable giving them my address. She said her son had made me something and wanted to give it to me so I'd feel better. In my community, I felt okay about that. They showed up a little after school got out today, with a Jamba Juice and a sweet homemade get well card. He told me at the door that he really doesn't like having substitutes because they're not me and he'd much rather have me. 

I may not be feeling a ton better physically, but I'm soaring emotionally. This is the reason that I keep doing what I do.

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