02 January 2017


I've always shied away from New Year's Resolution, because I'm the girl that doesn't keep them and on January 2, I toss my hands in the air and say that it's all for naught. I want to make changes though, so I call them goals instead. I do SO MUCH better with goals, because I feel like you're allowed to fail a few times with goals.

I spent some time yesterday working on my goals for 2017:

1. Be more Christlike: this will include regular scripture study (not just on Sundays, thank you past self), all of church every week, and more meaningful prayers. I get into the habit of skating by, and I don't want to be that girl. I want to have a relationship with my Savior and Father in Heaven.

2. Save enough to move and for my family reunion coming up this year: my parents are coming home from their mission at the end of April, and I'll need a place by the end of July at the latest. I'll have to have money saved up to do that. I also need to rent a UHaul, because I have a house to move. We've also rented a sweet cabin in Island Park that we'll need to pay for.

3. Stay in better contact with my siblings: we all felt this towards the end of the year when we were discussing the future of our Christmas exchanges. Everyone wanted to stay in touch more, and so I have a goal to do just that. I want to make more phone calls, send more texts, send hand-written notes, and hopefully even make some in-person visits.

4. Exercise 4 days a week: a friend and I started this last year, but because of my meeting schedule and illness schedule (don't laugh, that's totally a thing), I didn't get very far. I need to change that this year. Not that I can change my meetings or illnesses, but I've decided I can still DO things. Starting out with 4 days a week isn't overwhelming and will have great benefits. Along with this, I need to work on eating better. I don't generally do the junk stuff, but I also don't eat a very balanced diet. I definitely don't get enough of certain vitamins and minerals, so I need to do better. I signed up for a meal planner to help with this.

5. Be a more active blogger: honestly, when I started this blog, I had delusions of grandeur and thought I was going to conquer the blogging world. 10 posts in a year just doesn't cut it. Yikes. I need to do better this year and get things really going. I want to post more about the books I'm reading in school and at home, the resources I've found or created, and the things I'm trying with my kiddos. My goal is one post per week.

That's it. 5 goals is doable, right?

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