Teacher Resources

Online Resources:
Super Teacher Worksheets (I use these as supplements, not as curriculum replacements. Also, I use it mostly for science.)

Teachers Pay Teachers (again, as a supplement, not a replacement)

Pinterest - oh, so many ideas here! I use this mostly for ideas on how to organize, how to motivate/manage, and decor. But also, fantasy trip planning.

Goodreads - if you're interested in what others have to say about a particular book, check this site out. It's the book nerd version of Facebook.

AR Book Finder - such a great resource for leveling your classroom library books. If it's not in there, chances are, it doesn't have a test.

GoNoodle - if you're not using GoNoodle in your classroom, start now! It's a great way for kids to be more active and they love seeing their guy beef up as they complete challenges.

MobyMax - a great place to help fill in the holes that we all know are there. Students find it very motivating to earn badges (at our school, at least!), and to earn game time. Some of my kiddos who won't do their homework on paper WILL do it on MobyMax.

SpellingCity - a great way to make spelling fun. I don't allow Letter Fall, FYI, because there's no educational value in it. If I do this at school, we do the writing component where they have to type sentences or paragraphs using their spelling words.